i'd like to say by far the worst is not taking a shower. a bunch of people stuck elbow to elbow in a flying sardine can and you didn't have enough courtesy to clean your disgusting self? Also the fat guys belly popping out in your face as he is straining to shove his carry-on above your seat. sorry for ranting, just… » 11/18/13 12:58pm 11/18/13 12:58pm

if you are in the south east area I suggest route 250 in VA/WV because 1) one of the oldest/historical in the country 2) WAAAAAYYYY less traffic, 3) super fun twisties (55-15mph sweepers, switchbacks & hairpins 4) scenery, scenery, scenery. ill include these for your viewing pleasure... » 10/08/13 11:42am 10/08/13 11:42am

well said. Ive been riding for almost ten years now and NEVER ride without the proper riding gear. I also live in the upper south (that sounds weird) and even when its 98+ degrees out and im on the bike, its full on jacket, riding pants, gloves, pads, and boots. but, hey, I like to think of the ones who wear nothing… » 10/03/13 2:27pm 10/03/13 2:27pm

I owned a white one for a few months and it was actually a pretty fun car, engine was fantastic...everything else kinda sucked though. add the fact that it looked like a police car everyone on the highway would move to the right lane and slow down when I came up behind them » 9/30/13 11:59am 9/30/13 11:59am